ISSN 2158-5296
Volume 4, No. 1 (2015)
A Short Cross-Analysis of Brazilian Capoeira and Thai Sarama Music and Shared Ritual Practices
Duncan Williams (ICCMR, Plymouth University, UK)
This paper examines the somewhat surprising common ground that exists in the music and musical rituals found within the cultures of two geographically and stylistically disparate martial arts: Thai boxing (Muay Thai), and Brazilian capoeira. Though there are differences in instrumentation, meter, and mode, both capoeira and Muay Thai utilize music as part of formalized rituals before and during physical competition as part of their ‘martial’ practices... more >>
Impossible Melodies:
Octave Cycles and Illusory Pitch Shifts in a North Chinese Wind Repertoire
Beth Szczepanski (Lewis and Clark College)
Buddhist monks at Wutaishan in Shanxi Province, China perform melodies on shengguan wind instruments that seem to move to lower and lower pitches while actually remaining in the same narrow range. Pitch paradoxes such as octave cycling have been documented in music of Africa and Europe, but this is the first such example from East Asia to receive scholarly attention... more >>
Meaningful Adjustments:
Musical Performance and Ritual Action in a South Indian Temple
William Tallotte (University of London)
In this article, I analyze music and context as two interconnected parts. I examine musical performance and ritual action in a South Indian temple, focusing on the spatial, temporal and structural relationship between the music of an outdoor ensemble of shawm and drum players, the periya mēḷam, and the activities carried out by priests during the last daily worship performed in the Śaiva temple complex of Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu... more >>
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